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$40 FOR YOU,

At Florida Pest Control, we believe in #PestFreeLiving. We also believe in rewarding our customers for their loyalty. Thank you for choosing Florida Pest Control.

Full Circle Pest Control Rewards system at Florida Pest Control

Claiming Your $40 is as Easy as 1-2-3

Refer a family member, friend, or colleague to Florida Pest Control. When they purchase a pestfree365+ plan, we’ll apply a $40 service credit on your account – and take $40 off the purchase price for your circle member. 

1. Call us or fill out the form below. Mention the Full Circle Referral Rewards and give us the name and phone number of your referral. Or, have your referral contact us and mention the Full Circle Referral Rewards and have your referral provide your name.

2. Your circle member purchases pestfree365+ and receives a $40 discount.

3. We apply up to a $40 service credit to your account.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to arrange a service credit/ discount. 

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Terms and Conditions


The Full Circle Referral Rewards Program is open to current Florida Pest Control customers with one of the following recurring service plans: pestfree365+, pestfree365+ & Termite, Home Protection Plan, Pest Maintenance Plan for Residential, and Mosquito and Tick Seasonal Plan.

To receive this new referral reward the name provided must be for a new customer (one contracting after June 25, 2018) at a single-family dwelling electing to purchase a pestfree365+ treatment service plan. Retroactive referrals are not eligible for consideration in the program, and a referral customer name may only be submitted one time under this program.

Program rewards

Eligible existing customers who provide a qualified referral as noted above will receive up to a $40 credit on their next invoice.  

The newly referred customer will receive a $40 discount on pestfree365+.

How the discounts are applied?

The current customer will receive a credit for up to $40, based on the amount of the customer’s monthly billing plan. This credit will be applied to the customer’s next open invoice, after the new referral has purchased pestfree365+ and an initial service is completed. While existing customers can refer as many new customers as they desire under this program, the credit for each new referral will not exceed $40.

The new customer will receive a $40 discount off of the total price of the pestfree365+ plan, including the initial corrective visit.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals that can be made?

There is not a limit to the number of referrals that can be made.


The Full Circle Referral Rewards Program Rewards may not be combined with any other offer, program, plan or discount. Current customer may not receive any rewards from any other Rentokil or Florida Pest Control program. New customers may not combine the Referral Reward Discount with any other savings or discounts on the complete pestfree365+ plan including the initial service.  

Rentokil North America, Inc. and its Florida Pest Control operating trade name reserve the right to change the terms of the Full Circle Referral Rewards program at any time, including terminating or suspending the program without further notice.