Real Estate Pest Inspections in FLWhen it comes to buying and selling a home, a pest infestation or even signs of pests could make or break your sale. To ensure your properties are pest-free, you’ll want to have them inspected by a professional pest control company.

As part of our dedication to keeping our customers in South Florida pest-free, the exterminators at Florida Pest are proud to provide thorough and reliable real estate inspections and WDI Reports.

Professional Real Estate Pest Inspections

In the real estate market, everyone knows it’s important to make sure the property is safe and free of pests. During our real estate inspections, a Florida Pest technician will thoroughly inspect all areas in the home, including crawl spaces, basements, attics, garages, and closets. We use top-of-the-line equipment to help ensure every space is inspected. During our real estate pest inspections, we also look for past pest damage and look for any vulnerable areas that may lead to future pest infestations.

Reliable WDI Reports

Wood-destroying pests are one of the worst pest infestations you could have. Water leaks and rotting wood could lead to a wood-destroying pest infestation, which is why it’s important to have regular home pest inspections. During our real estate pest inspections, a Florida Pest exterminator will look for evidence of the following wood-destroying pests to create a WDI Report:

  • Termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees
  • Wood-boring beetles

Real Estate Inspections You Can Trust

Real estate pest inspections are so important for home buyers and sellers. No one wants to purchase a home that’s been riddled with pests. At Florida Pest, we provide in-depth real estate pest inspections. Our exterminators are professional, licensed, and experienced. They can be trusted to thoroughly inspect your real estate property. Contact us today for more information!

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