Bird Exclusion Services in South Florida Miami Dade Ft Lauderdale FLMany birds are classified as protected species, so it can often be difficult and time-consuming to control bird problems without the help of a bird removal expert. Bird exclusion services, like bird netting, focus on keeping birds away from your property so they don’t roost or nest in areas. This provides an immediate, effective, and discreet solution to rid an area of bird issues.

At Florida Pest Control, we know how frustrating a bird problem can be around your South Florida property. This is why our bird prevention experts work with you to protect your home or business!

Effective Bird Exclusion Services

Birds are enjoyable to watch and for the most part, are harmless, but when they become too comfortable on your property, birds can create a host of problems including:

  1. Noise: Nesting birds can be noisy, disturbing domestic dwellings, office environments, and business storefronts. As the population of these nesting birds grows, the noise will get worse.
  2. Illness and disease: Birds can spread over 60 different known diseases and infections to humans, including Salmonellosis and E. Coli.
  3. Property damage: Some bird species can cause structural damage in any property through their nesting and pecking behaviors. Bird droppings have also been known to corrode expensive equipment and materials like paint, concrete, and metal.

For these reasons alone, it’s important to invest in bird exclusion services.

Bird Removal Specialists in Miami – Dade Florida

To properly protect your commercial or residential property against birds, and the damage they can cause, it’s vital to enlist the help of a bird control specialist experienced in bird exclusion services. Bird netting, wiring, and placing bird spikes or electronic pellets are all examples of exclusion methods. Florida Pest Control has been a local leader in the South Florida area in bird exclusion and control for over 70 years. Contact us today to learn how we can keep birds away from your property.

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