When to call a hornet and wasp exterminator by Florida Pest Control in South Florida Miami Dade FLCertain species of bees, wasps, and hornets are pollinators that are considered important members of our environment. We all are used to seeing bees and wasps in South Florida, especially in the summertime. So how do we know when to call a hornet and wasp exterminator? In general, these insects are not a danger to humans until their nests are built-in or near our homes. Whether you’ve spotted a paper wasp nest hanging in your porch or carpenter bee holes in your fence, it’s always best to contact a licensed hornet pest control expert for help. Florida Pest Control is committed to providing our communities with safe, eco-friendly, effective wasp removal services.

How to Get Rid of Bees Safely

One of the biggest things we can stress is the danger of trying to remove bees, wasp, or hornets on your own. DIY wasp and hornet nest removal is out of the question. Stinging insects can be much more aggressive than you anticipate, making it very dangerous to remove nests. If someone is allergic to stinging insects of any kind, it’s best to avoid the nest entirely. Any nest bigger than the size of a fist should be considered a threat and left to local wasp exterminators in your area.

Florida Pest’s Bee & Wasp Pest Control Process

Stinging insects of any kind need to be handled carefully and by a professional. With more than 70 years of experience behind us, you can trust our hornet and wasp exterminators will take every step to ensure nests are removed safely. Some of the steps in our process include:

  1. A thorough property inspection to locate the nest and any surrounding threats.
  2. Identification of the stinging insect species and the conditions that may affect removal services.
  3. Development of a wasp nest removal plan, including assessment of bringing in a beekeeper for assistance.
  4. Implementation of wasp and hornet pest control and nest removal.
  5. If necessary, further visits from our wasp exterminators to ensure the job is complete and keep your property safe from nests in the future.

Trusted Hornet & Wasp Exterminators

As soon as you spot a nest or swarm of bees, wasps, or hornets near or in your South Florida property, it’s time to call the wasp exterminators at Florida Pest Control. Our wasp pest control team promises to safely remove bees, wasps, or hornets to keep you and your family safe from them all year long.

Call us today to learn more about how our wasp and hornet experts will keep your home or business protected from stinging insects.

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